Lisa’s Market Update for December 2019

The strong, upward trend continues.  December 2019 real estate market statistics for the Ogden Valley, Mountain Green, and the Ogden Bench showed showed no significant decreases, but rather a number of significant increases.  Terrific snow that continues to fall brought large crowds of Holiday visitors to the Valley, Mountain Green and Ogden areas…and this means lots of folks who have now seen the magic of the area will begin to investigate options for purchasing property.

Again, the majority of market statistics for December reflected a steady or upward trend, continuing the strong market for most of 2019.  The largest increase  was a big jump to $705,000 from $536,000 for the median sales price of condos and townhouses in the Ogden Valley, along with a decrease in days on the market in that same category from 4 weeks to 3 weeks.  Days on the market for single family homes in the Ogden Valley dropped to 51 from over 100.  Single family homes in the Mountain Green area showed increases in median sales price from $519,000 to $580,000 and median price per square ft. from $126.00 to $155.00.  The Ogden bench also had an increase in median sales price from $232,000 to $245,000.

MARKET UPDATE – December 2019

OVSF- Ogden Valley Singe Family; MGSF – Mountain Green Single Family; OBSF – Ogden Bench Single Family; OV C/T – Ogden Valley Condominiums & Townhomes

Prop. for Sale   Prop. Sold   Med. Days on Mkt.   Med. Price   Med. Sq. Ft.

OVSF           53                   10                      51                       $582,000        $166.00

MGSF         25                     3                      38                        $580,000        $155.00

OBSF           57                   42                    36                         $245,000        $117.00

OVC/T         13                      3                      21                        $705,000        $211.00