Market Update For September 2019

September 2019 was another strong month for the real estate market in the Ogden Valley, Mountain Green, and Ogden Bench areas.  There were significant increases in properties on the market, properties sold, median sales price and median price per square foot in a number of the markets listed below, and the few statistics in that were down were down only slightly.

As an example, in the Ogden Valley, single-family homes on the market are up, while the median sales price jumped from $581,000 to $610,000 and the median price per sq. ft. moved up to $186.00.  Townhouses and condominiums in the Ogden Valley jumped almost $20.00 per sq. ft. to $228.00 and single-family homes in the Mountain Green area jumped $36.00 per sq. ft. to $168.00.

These are significant increases, and signal an already strong market is getting stronger.  A good time to sell, and buyers should think about moving before prices rise even further.


OVSF- Ogden Valley Singe Family; MGSF – Mountain Green Single Family; OBSF – Ogden Bench Single Family; OV C/T – Ogden Valley Condominiums & Townhomes

Prop. for Sale   Prop. Sold   Med. Days on Mkt.   Med. Price   Med. Sq. Ft.

OVSF           77                   10                     50                         $610,000        $186.00

MGSF         36                    10                    33                         $405,000         $168.00

OBSF          101                   44                    17                         $243,000         $127.00

OVC/T        12                      6                      13                         $320,000        $228.00