Protecting the Ogden Valley from Excessive Development

Although I am a real estate broker, I am committed to preventing the excessive development, often in the wrong locations, that has resulted in the congestion and construction blight in numerous other resort communities.  Guarding against over-development will ensure that we, and future generations, continue to enjoy what we all recognize as the unique, wonderful “Ogden Valley Lifestyle.”

One of the most effective ways to control development, while giving owners of farms, open land and iconic properties a viable financial option to selling, is for a community, non-profit organization, to purchase and hold conversation easements.  Master plans, zoning ordinances, even laws, are open to revision, repeal, and the political whims of officials.  Once a conservation easement is finalized, the property is protected in perpetuity.  If the property is occupied, the owner (often generations of the same family) will always be able to stay on their land.

Since 1998, the Ogden Valley Land Trust has acquired 6,000 acres of conversation easements for landowners who wish to protect and preserve their property while retaining ownership.  This considerable acreage will forever be shielded from development, while preserving scenic view corridors, wildlife habitat, watershed and agriculture uses, and the history and culture of our beloved Valley.  The organization is constantly working to locate, and protect, additional properties.

Land Trust Sign

Jensen-Fowers Farm, Huntsville

The Land Trust is also looking for those interested in doing their part to preserve the extraordinary beauty and lifestyle of the Ogden Valley.  If you’re interested, check out their website.