Lisa’a Market Update for May 2020

The real estate market in the Ogden Valley, Mountain Green and Ogden Bench areas remained strong in May, with only a few dramatic changes in specific statistics in certain areas, and many remaining fairly constant.

The largest jump in prices was the median price of condos and town homes sold in the Ogden Valley, which went from $224,000 in April to $470,000 in May.  Only 3 units sold in each month, so a large rise or decline in the average is less meaningful than months when more units sold.  The median price per sq. ft. of those 3 units sold dropped from $225.00 to $182.00.  The median sales price of single family homes in the Valley, based on 10 units sold, dropped from $552,000 to $485,000.

Single family home sales in the Mountain Green area showed an increase in median sales price from $405,000 to $520,000.  Days on the market, across all geographical areas and types of property, remained low, a strong indicator of a vibrant market and low inventory.


OVSF- Ogden Valley Singe Family; MGSF – Mountain Green Single Family; OBSF – Ogden Bench Single Family; OV C/T – Ogden Valley Condominiums & Townhomes

Prop. for Sale   Prop. Sold   Med. Days on Mkt.   Med. Price   Med. Sq. Ft.

OVSF           60                   10                      39                       $485,000       $171.00

MGSF         27                     12                       7                        $521,000        $134.00

OBSF           42                    45                    13                         $303,000       $123.00

OVC/T         36                     3                      57                         $470,000      $182.00

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